Many thanks to the wonderful artists who have generously lent or given work to our holiday sale. Proceeds benefit our redesign campaign, set to launch this spring. The artists are all writers and editors at artcritical or have appeared as guests on The Review Panel, our forum at Brooklyn Public Library. This gallery of images follows the line-up of works on view at Eric Firestone Loft, 4 Great Jones Street, New York, December 17-22, 2017 and January 9-12, 2018.

David Brody, Noor Bseiso, David Cohen, William Corwin, Kara Cox, Ana Delgado, Noah Dillon, Deshawn Dumas, Laurie Fendrich, Laurie Frick, Joe Fyfe, Deborah Garwood, Andrew Ginzel, Claire Haik, James Hyde, Mary Jones, Roman Kalinovski, Dennis Kardon, Christina Kee, Elisabeth Kley, Greg Lindquist, Drew Lowenstein, Stephen Maine, John Mendelsohn, Jeffrey Morabito, Peter Plagens, David Rhodes, Jennifer Riley, Sean Scully, Anna Shukeylo, Elena Sisto, Suzy Spence, Justin Sterling, Wen Tao, William Tucker, Joan Waltemath, Leslie Wayne, Marjorie Welish, Stephen Westfall, Alexi Worth, Brenda Zlamany